Business Investment Opportunities


Working as a “Finder” we have developed a systematic process for identifying acquisitions for our clients. These opportunities include the purchase, lease, or management contract of nursing homes, ancillary service companies and other related endeavors. Utilizing the Executive Search Solutions’ proprietary database with over 16,000 healthcare centers and ancillary company contacts, we have successfully assisted organizations complete several acquisitions in the last few years. Among them -

· 50+ million dollar chain in New Mexico

· Skilled Nursing facility with attached Assisted Living Center in southern California

· Ambulance / Medical Transportation organization in southern California

We are currently searching for senior care facilities. Our clients will consider distressed properties as well as market leading centers, and will look at individual opportunities as well as the total acquisition of an organization. In addition to skilled nursing, assisted and independent living centers, we are interested in home health and hospice organizations, and contract rehabilitation companies.

For more information please contact:

Anthony Perry, President
Executive Search Solutions